With an increase in people wanting to work remotely, the freelance writing market offers some of the best opportunities one can find anywhere on the web. Indeed, remote writers can work any number of clients and probably never even have to meet them in person. Much communication can be done by phone, email, or video conferencing, and a lot of the negatives of office culture are eliminated almost entirely. Here is some advice you will want to consider when searching for great remote freelance writing jobs:

  1. Use Your Existing Contacts to Network

    Most professionals have a lot of contacts from prior personal and professional situations. These existing contacts are great resources for networking your talents to potential clients. Take advantage and seek out recommendations, testimonials, or leads. Your network knows you the best and can steer you in the right direction, leading to quicker success landing the best projects and increasing your earning potential.

  2. Identify Your Niche Market and Stick to It

    A common piece of advice we give to all writers is to stick with what you know. Perhaps you have a university or graduate degree in molecular biology and are confident you can write research papers in this field. Or you may know everything there is about DIY home projects and want to share your experiences with others. Keep it simple and within your niche market when you are just starting. You can always branch out to other areas as you achieve success.

  3. Tailor Each Application for the Exact Job

    Application templates are really helpful to have because they save time and contain all of the basic information you need to pitch to your clients. However, don’t make the mistake of sending out the exact same information on every occasion. You should carefully and appropriately customize each application so that you are addressing the client’s specific requirements or project needs.

  4. Keep Applying Until Your Plate is Full

    If you don’t land jobs in the first couple of weeks, don’t get discouraged. It takes time to get a steady stream of work and build up a portfolio. And once you do successfully land a remote writing job you like, keep sending out applications until your plate is full. This will improve your chances of consistently having a new project to work on as soon as one is finished.

  5. Check Out Freelance Writing Services

    Sites like Upwork, Fiver, and ProBlogger are great places to find small and large scale projects that pay very well. You can also check professional academic writing sites for opportunities to work remotely from home taking on assignments in areas you have experience in. These places usually can give you a steady stream of projects that will not only keep the money coming in but will give you a launching point to build your portfolio.

Remote freelance writing jobs are becoming easier to find and get because of the way we are connected online. Writing resources are available everywhere — some for free — and the need to use software tools that were only available to businesses is becoming increasingly rare. More people are starting to enjoy the vast freedom and flexibility that comes from a remote writing job. Follow the advice above and you can start winning freelance writing projects on a regular basis.

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